Home of Love

The Home of Love is a private home for destitutes and old people who have no one to take care of them. It offers security and care for many. We visit this home every Saturday in order to help with caring for those unable to take care of themselves. We see in this an opportunity to serve the poorest and neediest in the love of God and experience great joy in doing so. We invite you to come with us and see what is happening here. If you wish, you may participate in this ministry and enrich your life!

Rehabilitation of former addicts

We offer shelter and counsel to those who are struggling to rid themselves of the stigma and dragging burden of addiction. By giving such people a breathing space and somewhere to live while they figure things out, as well as regular teaching and counseling on how best to bring about change in their lives, we try to show them God’s love and willingness to care for them throughout their lives.

Visiting the helpless

There are 187 paraplegics or invalids in and around the NITC campus, most of whom need and welcome regular visiting and comfort. We would like to visit these people and their families on a regular basis, so as to share whatever we have with them, be it time or consolation, reading the newspapers to them or lending a listening ear. Sign up for this ministry if you would like to help those who can never help you back physically, but who will leave an indelible imprint on your life ever after!

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